Hubbard questions contaminated ice claims

contaminated ice

contaminated ice

UK: Ice maker supplier Hubbard has questioned claims made in a tv programme after faecal bacteria was found in ice served at a KFC restaurant.

A BBC Rip Off Britain: Food programme suggested that bacteria from faeces found in ice at the KFC outlet in Birmingham came from either the water that made the ice, or the ice itself.

That suggestion has been questioned by the ice experts at Hubbard Systems, the company that markets Scotsman ice machines in the UK.

“The water in the icemaker will have passed through a filter system that will help to prevent any bacteria present from getting into the machine,” said Mark Stebbings, technical and aftercare manager at Hubbard Systems.

“The bacteria that was found is most probably the result of poor personal hygiene standards, presumably on the part of a member of staff.”

The solution is straight-forward, said Mark. “Clean the machine, clean yourself, and don’t pick up ice with your hands – use a scoop. Ice is a food so staff should always wash their hands before and during service. As for the machine, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. They shouldn’t be complicated.”

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