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instalation instructions for scotsman ice machine

Instalation for SDN and EC RANGE


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Installation ACM RANGE

Installation EC and SDN RANGE

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Before installing the units in closed cupboards cognizance must be taken of the fact that the units will not operate in conditions of high ambient heat. Please take precautions to ensure sufficient airflow around the machines, both the front and sides. The air intake grills are located on the front and discharge on the front and sides of the units.
Ideal conditions for the operation of the machine are 21 deg. Ambient and 10 degree water. Any increase in these temperatures will reduce the daily production capacity of the units, as specified.

Professional installation and commissioning is strongly recommended for plumbed in models, in support of the warranty policy.
The following on-site services are required within one meter of the location of the unit.
Our quote does not cover the provision of these services.
• Water Inlet valve ¾” male thread
• Ground / floor Level Water Drain – 40mm – gravity feed
• Electricity Supply – 220v
• The machine must be located in a cool, well ventilated position.
• Installation and commissioning R950.00 exc. Vat in all major centre’s
• Warranty claims resulting from poor installation practice (by others) will be declined.

We strongly recommend the installation of a water filter to your ice machine; this not only ensures pure clean water into the machine, but also reduces future maintenance costs and extends the life of the machine.
Per machine one filter cartridge has a life expectancy of approx. 12 months.

Supply and fit an internal voltage surge protector.
(Single phase)
We stock spare parts for these current models Scotsman promises to hold in stock spares for units for upto 8 years after production of a particular model ceases. We currently are able to service and repair, using genuine Scotsman parts, ice machines in excess of 15 years old. The useful life of the equipment on offer can be estimated at 8 – 12 years with a good service record.

The units must be serviced at least annually. The coil should be kept clean and dust free.
This should be done at least every three months.
Regular Servicing will lengthen the overall life of your ice maker.
• Unhealthy bacterial growth is destroyed
• The production capacity will be improved
• By reducing scale and rust within the unit, wear and tear on parts is decreased thus reducing future maintenance costs.
What does a service entail?
• Sanitizing & cleaning with Scotsman solution, designed to remove scale, rust and bacterial growth.
• Cleaning of coil & exterior.
• Full mechanical check.
• Full refrigerant check.
• Re-set controls and wiring to factory specification.

Provision or connection of on site services
Civil works or construction
Electrical supply and interconnecting cables
Plumbing and drainage
Delivery , commissioning & installation unless otherwise stated.